Target Marketing / Direct Mail Tips

Within each group of people you are trying to target there are many subsets within that group. Different Ages, different incomes, different ethnicities , people with different opinions, attitudes and beliefs.

Once we've identified the perfect target to receive your loan offer. You need the proper visuals and ad copy to get them to read and respond to your offer.

There are many factors that should be taking into account on every mailer. Age, Race, the color of their collar, region of the country, marital status, presence of and ages of children

Sometimes you have to target a smaller groups within the larger group and use entirely different images and copy for each different group of people.

A single person will react to different stimulus than a married person. The same goes for different ethnic groups. Art and photos should be geared ethnocentrically and age appropriate.


Personalize the message using mail merges

Snap Pack Mailers are unique . You can personalize each mailer to the recipient – by mail merging fields of data.

We usually merge the recipient's current lender name as well as other demographic and loan information into the copy of our snap pack mailers for mortgage offers.

In many studies mail merge printing has shown to increase direct mail advertising response rate by up to 300%.

Postcards use an offset printing process on a printing press and can only produce identical mailers. Snap Pack mailers can be customized to each individual recipient by merging their personal information into the mailer.

Instead of producing 10,000 identical mailers that deliver the same exact message, mail merge printing can produce 10,000 unique documents with a personalized message to each prospect.

See our website on snap pack mailers to get more in-depth information on variable date/mail merge printing

Tips to Increase Response Rate

Use color to increase readability

Color outperforms plain, black-and-white communications every time. In study after study, market research and real-world case studies* prove color communications get more attention, increase response, and improve recall.

 • Customers pick up a full color mailer first 55% of the time
• Color documents are up to 80% more likely to be read
• Color is up to 80% more motivating than black-and-white
• Color increases comprehension by up to 73%
Information is located 70% faster when it’s in color *
• Information highlighted in color is 39% more likely to be remembered
• Color improves brand recognition by up to 80%

Offer incentives to drive customer response

There are literally hundreds of incentive offers that can provide value to your existing mortgage clients and help attract new ones.

Coupons are very effective during tough economic times. Customers respond to free quotes, consultations, demonstrations, and presentations.

Get creative. Consider partnering with local groups or associations with a natural connection to your business. Offer their members special prices or host an event.

Your mail pieces should communicate your offer clearly and concisely — including any terms and conditions.

Incentive Ideas

* Sale                      

* Coupon

* Event

* Free Demonstration

* Gift                         

* Free Quote

* Free Evaluation          

* Vacation               

* Industry report

* White paper 

* Free  Membership

* Gift card             

* Free  Training

* Contest            

* Sweepstakes

Provide multiple response methods

Once you’ve captured the attention and interest of a customer make it easy for them to respond. Keep in mind that different customers have different preferences.

Some prefer to call. Some prefer to visit a web site. Try to provide more than one option to respond — you'll receive more responses if you do.

Be sure to make each option easy.

Set a deadline

Limited-time offers always increase response. It is human nature to respond to the most urgent deadline.

Setting an end date automatically gives your offer greater importance. Just be sure to allow enough time for your customer to receive your mailer and respond.

The two most powerful words in direct mail are Free” and “New. Use them freely — and prospects will become customers .


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