FAQ --- Refund/Replacement Poilicy



 Q: Do we have to use one of your mailer samples?

 A: No .... 75% of our orders are new designs. We can also use the copy from one mailer with the visual on another etc. Nothing is written in stone.  Our job is to create the most persuasive advertisement for your particular offer.

 Q: How long does it take for our mailers to deliver into prospects mailbox?

 A: Once you Ok a proof and sign an Ok to Print Form, it takes 5-7 business days for a postcard to be printed, addressed and mailed. Snap Packs and Sales letters take less time 2-4 business days from Ok to mail drop.  We mail as soon as your mailer is addressed and bar coded unless instructed otherwise.


4x6 postcards take 3-5 days to deliver to consumers

6x9 postcards take 7-10 days to deliver.

Snap Packs take 5-10 business days to deliver


 Q: Can we use our own mailing permit ?

 A: Yes...we can print your mailing permit number / indices in the upper right hand corner of card instead of ours. You are responsible for putting the sufficient money into USPS account to cover the postage

 Q: Can we divide postcards and have the fronts printed differently ?

 A:  All 5,000 cards must be the same on the front side (color and laminated side) of the card. If you want different backs, we can usually do that for you for an additional charge. Call your sales representative for more information on this. On our snap pack mailers you can change images and copy using mail merged/variable date printing

QCan we use our own mailing list?

 A. We suggest you let us supply the mailing list. But, we will send your mortgage postcard to any mailing list you supply. We  offer NCOA (USPS National Change of Address) update and CASS certify the list.

 Q: How long will it take for my mailing list to ship ?

 A: We ship same day funds become available.

 Q: What is your Refund/Replacement policy ?


By signing Mortmailer's invoice and the final proof, you are agreeing to the printing and mailing (if applicable) terms of the order set forth on the invoice. You acknowledge that there is a 100% cancellation fee and you waive any rights to chargebacks on your credit cards or ACH payment.

By signing Mortmailer's invoice you acknowledge that you have reviewed the refund/replacement policy as well as the USPS mailing and postage guidelines. You also acknowledge and understand that Mortmailers does not make any guarantee for USPS delivery and that is solely the responsibility of the United States Postal Service.

Mortmailers is not part of the US Postal Service. Your mailer will be printed and delivered to the USPS after final signatures are obtained on the: 1. Invoice,2. Ok to Print Form, 3. credit card authorization form, and/ or fax a copy of your check Your printed snap pack mail or postcard advertisements will be delivered to the USPS for them to deliver. Mortmailers does not guarantee delivery. Once we deliver your order to the USPS (United States Postal Service) our sales contract is fulfilled.

Mortmailers at its sole option will repair or reprint any order that contains abnormal imperfections or fails to represent the approved mailer proof or when we have failed in your written instructions. Mortmailers at its sole option may provide a prorated credit in lieu of reprint if the damaged or defect does not exceed 20% of the order. Mortmailers sole liability shall be limited to the reprinting of any defective order or portion of order  and in no case shall include special or consequential damages including customer expenses , profits or profits lost .



 Orders can be cancelled prior to us starting design work on mailers or downloading data for for list purchases with 100% refund.

1. Once we have started design work but not yet gone to print there will be a 15%   cancellation fee. Once the mailer's proof has been approved by client (Signed OK to Print Form has been received) and gone to print there is a 40% cancellation fee and client is liable for shipping costs to send printed mailers to their location only if postage on order has been paid.


If our postage indice is printed on cards or snap pack mailers we will not ship printed cards or snap packs back to client unless postage has ben paid in full since our permit number on postage indice will be charged if they are mailed.


No order will be printed without a signed "Ok to Print" form    No refunds will be given after mail date.



2. Store credit only on refunds.


Mailing Lists

A:. Due to the reproducible nature of mailing and telemarketing lists we deliver via e-mail, disk or other media, no refunds will be given. Make 100%  sure the criteria on invoice is correct.  We can not 100% guarantee the accuracy of information contained in mailing lists. Many criteria are modelled information and can show variance . We procure the mailing lists from respected nationwide compilers such as Equifax, Core Logic, Axiom TransUnion and TranzAct.  We make every attempt to give you the most up to date and correct information but can not guarantee it.

No changes to mailing list orders can be made after we receive signed invoice.


Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept check, check by fax/phone, AMEX, Visa, MC and Discover


 SInce we work on a small profit margin, if you use a credit card for payment we charge 3% credit card merchant fee . If you use a reward card, our merchant fee goes up to over 4%. We will deduct an additional 1.25% from the back end of your mailing or deduct it from the total number of records in a mailing list.

  Please call us for more information

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We design unique postcards and snap pack mailers that make a targeted prospect notice your loan offer.

We use eye catching visuals combined with common sense copy that appeals directly to that targeted prospect.

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 provide targeted mortgage mailing lists and mortgage telemarketing lists for those companies that do their own mortgage marketing in house.

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